Prices are based on menu choices, logistics and other event requirements.

A detailed client interview,  follow-up summary  sheet & contractual agreement insures that both parties understand what the responsibilities of each other are.

All entrees come with green salad, homemade bread, side starch ( rice, potatoes), and side vegetable
All entree base pricing as follows below.  Extra or fancy preparation add to basic cost. Most items below can be prepared in many different ethnic styles.

SAMPLE of basic prices
per plate costs
(6oz) $14.95
Cornish game hens (20oz) $15.95 ea
Pork loin (6 oz)14.95 ea
Pork Tenderloin (6oz) $17.95 ea
Pork Chops (3/4") at 13.95 ea
Pork Chops (2") stuffed at 16.95 ea
Kosher Hen Turkey (8-10# serves 6-8) $22.95 per person
Flank Steak  $17.95 /srvg
T-bone at $18.95 ea
Ribeye at $19.95 ea
Beef meatloaf at $9.95
Buffaloaf at $14.95
Buffalo dimension cut (call for current mkt price)


Service cost   $200 per event for pre-production expenses

Four hours of Head Chef wages are included in basic food costs
Assistant cook (required) at $30/hr
Additional Labor at $25/assistant / hr (one assistant for every 32 guests on average)

Extra costs as required ie: towable 6' BBQ grill, table set up, table ware, tables, decorations, chairs, tents, sitdown service, biffies, entertainment , trash removal, etc.

We do not provide alcohol or bartender services

Total costs normally average $20-$30/guest for food & labor (including 3
additional assistants)


Office / Kitchen

827 Kawishiwi Trail Ely, MN. 55731  

(218) 365-4720     

Catering is available here at Blue Heron B&B on the lake or off site at your location.

Our catering's chef specializes  in (but not limited to)  the cuisine of


Our Catering is a full service caterer providing all of the client's event needs in one package. We can provide the food, crew, tents, china, tables & chairs, dance floors, entertainment, and almost anything that the client wants. Partial service & drop offs are also available.


All events catered by us are customized for each event based on  logistical considerations, and client budget.


What type of events do we cater?

Weddings.... Conferences.... Educational workshops... Corporate seminars...Conventions.... Home based parties... Festivals.. Seasonal contracts...


Having a family get together for a day or a week & do not want to cook? We deliver!

Where do we cater?

In two words... Any where!

We have a reputation for great food, listening skills, & client services.  We have catered in some of the most demanding locations.

For a U.S. Department of Energy VIP event in a mine, (2500' below the surface in a proton decay lab) we had to load all the food & equipment into an ore car elevator and make a total of 8 miles of trips up & down. We have catered by canoe, motor boat, dog sled, snow mobile & in one case, a snow plow!


We can cater on site at Blue Heron for up to 25 guests or off site up to 300 guests.


Call us  with your special event needs and ask us if we can accomplish it. Chances are that we can make your special event...  special.

Office / Kitchen

827 Kawishiwi Trail - Ely, MN 55731  

(218) 365-4720     


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